Mr. Hassan Khan (Patron)

Mr. Hassan Muhammad Khan has done dual majors in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Boston, USA, which he followed up with a Masters in Business Administration. He has traveled widely in the world and his areas of interest include innovation in management and educational models. As an educationist of distinction, Mr. Hassan Khan has played a pivotal role in establishment, development and recognition of institutions of Riphah International University. His university is the first one in Pakistan to establish RIPHAH Institute of Lifestyle Medicine in 2019, for educating doctors and undergrad.

Feroz Sharfuddin (Chairman)

Had 40years of marketing experience and is attached to the association as a marketing consultant

Our team of leading experts

Dr. Shagufta Feroz President

Dr. Shagufta Feroz has been practicing since 1988, from her very early age she was passionate towards healing with nature, rather than drugs. Pursuing her passion, she specialized in Family Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She has been serving as the founder of the Synchronized Lifestyle modification Program (SLP) from the past 16 years. Based on her independent research, she has authored a book on preventing, halting and reversing diseases through lifestyle modification titled as “Living as Nature Intended”. After running a drug dependent clinical practice for 15 years, she identified the healthy lifestyle and its role in prevention, treatment and reversal of disease formation process. This awareness forced her to gradually switch from drug dependent practice to a drug-less Integrative family medicine practice. Dr. Feroz he is a regular speaker at various educational institutes, health forums, doctors forums, government training institutes, and armed forces training institutes. She has participated in about 100 live TV health shows. She is a member of various US based Holistic health promoting organizations and regularly participates in International conferences. She had served as the Lifestyle Medicine Education (LMEd), Harvard University collaborator for Pakistan for five years. To spread Lifestyle Medicine awareness and training, she has launched her Lifestyle Medicine Training Centre in 2016 in Pakistan. Training is being provided to doctors, nutritionists, nurses, science graduates and other allied health sciences graduates. In December 2018, Dr. Feroz had organized Pakistan’s first International Integrative Lifestyle Medicine conference. The objective of this conference was to shake our doctors, medical students and general public to the awareness of this wonderful medicine with promising results. October 2019 RIPHAH University Islamabad, Pakistan has started a RIPHAH Institute of Lifestyle Medicine under leadership of Dr. Feroz, for under graduates and post graduate medical doctors. She is the president of Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine.

Samia Khalid General Secretary

Consultant clinical psychologist.
Certified lifestyle medicine coach.

Dr. Rabiya Noor (Joint Secretary)

Associate professor(Riphah International University).
PhD Physical therapy(Tehran university of medical sciences)
Rabiya has more than 50 publications in national and international journals. Youngest and first female physical therapist in Pakistan with PhD in physical therapy.

Samar Hashmi (Information Secretary)

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach.
Affiliated with Lifestyle Medicine practice for past 3 years.

Dr. Mujtaba Jaffri (Finance Secretary)

Electrical Engineer.
Academic and Researcher.
Certified Life Style Medicine Coach.
Affiliated with Life Style Medicine practice for past 3 years.

PALM Battalion

LM Events/Country Head for LMGA

Dr. Shagufta Feroz
MBBS, MCPS, Phd, IM Fellowship, DipIBLM
Director Riphah Institute of Lifestyle

Deputy Director
Dr. Zia Abbas
MD Internal Medicine, LM Coach, Associate Country Head for LMGA

LM Education


Dr. Munira Abbasi
American Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism and Lifestyle Medicine, DipIBLM

Deputy Director
Dr. Tahira Sadiq


Dr. Zunaira Basit
Pediatrician, LMPC, DipIBLM

Deputy Director
Dr. Abeera Zainub
AP Biochemistry, LMPC

Scientific Committee/Research

Dr. Fatima Ahsan
Prof. Physiology, Riphah University, DipIBLM

Deputy Director
Dr. Saima Umair

Deputy Director
Samia Khalid
Clinical Psychologist, LMPC, DipIBLM

Media Management

Samar Hashmi
Architect, LMPC

Deputy Director
Abira Iftikhar Rana
Naturopath/Nutritionist/ LMPC