People who are already following SLP can modify their plans
by selecting foods from this plan but after 2-3 months of
following the personalized plan given by Dr. Shagufta Feroz.
SLP Adult Food plan will help in maintaining good health,
weight management and in various health disorders like
diabetes, heart disease, allergies, asthma, joint disorders,
cancer etc.
People with serious health issues or underweight individuals
have to eat frequent meals therefore they should take their
proper lunch along with the recommended snacks during the
People who want to lose weight should restrict to PBF, BF, no
or less lunch, Dinner, and then post dinner snack, i.e. they
have to follow fasting or roza pattern. Do remember without
following SLP eight rules of Correct Eating, you will not get
any positive holistic health results from this food plan.
Select four or more than four days food combinations but
take them in a rotation i.e. only one food combination per
day and follow their time precisely. Remember SLP is a
lifestyle modification plan and by following adult food plan
you will get about 50% improvement in your issues InshAllah.
So get ready to make your personalized plan from the below
given food choices.


Take within first two to three minutes of first wake up,
before leaving the bed and without rinsing mouth.

1. 2-3 Dates.
2. 2-3 Figs.
3. 2-3 Prunes.
4. 2-3 Dried Apricots.
5. Honey Water or one table spoon of Honey.
6. 8-10 Raisins.
7. 8-10 Blue Berries
8. 5-7 Almonds.
9. 1-2 Walnuts.
10. 5-7 Cashews.
11. Organic Seeds (Char Maghaz).
12. 8-10 Peanuts.
13. 6-7 Pistachio.
14. 8-10 Pine Nuts.

After 10-15 minutes have 1-2 glasses of warm or plain water,
after 15 minutes have breakfast or take second prebreakfast
15. Single Fruit.


1. Yogurt with Cane Sugar (Warm in winters).
2. Raw Warm Milk with shakar.
3. Mix Fruits.
4. Lemonade / Shakes / Lasi (Only in summers).
5. Mix Nuts
6. Milk Coffee always with little white sugar
One and half hour later breakfast should be taken
Select one food combination per day and tak


Select one food combination per day and take it in a fulfilling
quantity. Try to use raw butter or desi ghee for preparing
breakfast foods.
Whole grain bread/Roti/whole grain pita with following
• Omelet/Fried Egg/Scrambled Egg
• Potato with skin (Cutlets, Bhujia, Boiled, Baked, mashed).
• Meat (Kababs, Keema, Meat Curry, Koftay, Roast, Fish,
prawns). Avoid broiler chicken and beef
• Cheese.
• Natural Jam.
• Leftover Salan.
• Hommus or Chickpeas Curry.
• Organic Cereal with raw milk and raw Sugar.
• French Toast.
• Stuffed Prathas.
• Organic Desserts.
• Pancakes
Green tea with raw sugar in small quantity.


Three to Four hours after the breakfast but it is optional.
• Mix Fruits.
• Mix Nuts.
• Coffee with Sugar.
• Nimko.
• Desserts

5. SLP LUNCH:Between 1-3pm

Avoid breads, chapatti, rice, pita, nan and raw salads.
• Noodles/Pasta.
• Chana Chat/Dahibarey.
• Beans/Chick Peas.
• Fruit Yogurt/Smoothies/Shakes/Cold Coffee.
• Fish/Kababs/Steaks.
• Compound Salads.
• Soups.
• French Fries/Baked/Mashed Potato.
• Corn.
• Mix Nuts and Seeds.
• Natural Energy Bar.
• Coffee with Desserts.


Three to four hours after lunch, but optional.
• Mix Fruits.
• Mix Nuts.
• Dessert.
• Coffee with Sugar.
• Nimko


Avoid boiled rice, nan, raw salads, broiler chicken and beef
Start with clear broth or soups then have
• Roti with Curry and Raita
• Continental/Chinese/Sandwitches.
Green tea with raw sugar.


Only If the gap between meal and sleep is of 3-4 hours or
more and go to sleep soon after taking this snack.
• Raw Warm Milk with little Raw Sugar.
• Mix Fruits.
• Mix Nuts.
• Desserts.

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